2010 Stars in Education Winners

2010 has been an amazing year for the Stars in Education Awards. We recieved well over 60 entries from different areas throughout South Africa, each one unique in character and achievements. This made it extremely difficult to determine who the finalists and inevitably, the winners of the 2010 Stars in Education Awards are.

Without further adue, we are proud to introduce the finalists to you i.e.Wilna Schoeman (Blue Ribbon Rush Hour Cafe), Neil Loock (Motivation Through Sport), Natalia Fillis (Improvement of Learner Toilette Facilities), Paula Robarts (Thandanani), Nadia Anthony (Nadia's Social Support Club for Disabled People) and Jacqueline Rossi (Footprints Special Needs Schoool). Thank you for entering the Stars in Education Awards and we wish you well in your venture to improve the livelihoods of those around you.

Below are the 2010 winners in the Stars in Education Awards:

roslyn2010 Stars Awards Winner:

Mrs. Roslyn Narain

New West Secondary School - Durban
RAFAL, Volunteer Teacher, HIV/AIDS Education

She engages her students and community members in social responsibility projects that help uplift the lives of the sick, the needy and the indignant people in the community and society at large. Volunteer teacher to adults - she is a volunteer educator in the National Government Literacy programme called Khar Ri Gude since 2009 where she teach illiterate people in her community. RAFAL (Roslyns Academy For Adult Learning) - established in 2010 by Roslyn with the help of sponsors and community members she is able to further assist those who have attended the government programme.

stars22nd Place Winner:

Mrs. Gumede Jabulile

Gobhela Primary School - Hibberdene
Vegetable Garden and Soul Buddies

I serve in a number of committees which deals with the greening of the school, vegetable garden, environmental committee, Science Expo, regional and national science expo adjudicating, sports committee and many more. We as the Soul Buddies collected blankets, non-perishable foods and donated them to the needy learners. The community, church and local businesses were involved in this campaign. We have cleaned the homes of some learners e.g. Meyiwa Lindokuhle’s which is headed by a blind old lady. Lindokuhle is a grade 7 learner and I have managed to bring him back to the classroom from the street.

stars33rd Place Winner:

Ms. Fezisa Fikeni

Intsingizi Junior Secondary School - Bizana

4H, Soul Buddies, No Apologies and Counselling

Firstly, 4H is a programme that allows Fezisa to provide a fundamentally essential need which is food to the needy children of our school. This educator is also active in helping those teenagers that are victimised through No Apologies. She also implemented the Soul Buddies which helps students deal with their intellectual predicaments. This programme allows students to perform to their full potential in context of their academic results and co-curricular activities. This fine educator's work has been a productive weapon in advertising our school since she started working here and has resulted in an increase of student enrolments.

stars44th Place Winner:

Ms. Maria Malotsa

Makubuketja Primary School - Mahwelereng

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

I took children to the clinic and hospital when necessary. Other teachers in the school helped identify those kids in need. The principal nominated me to be trained on an OVC course at the Family Institute of South Africa (FISA). The light and life company also did the same for HIV & Aids matters. I am well equipped that I designed information forms detailing learner's situations so that their progress could be monitored. I did home visits and conducted my care jointly with other stakeholders e.g. home base carers, clinics, hospitals, social workers, police as well as the community at large.


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