Social Media the Game Changer in Higher Education

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Social Media: the Game Changer in Higher Education – Equip Yourself with the Latest Updates at the next exclusive Event

Amabhubesi cordially invites your organization to the Annual Social Media in Higher Education Summit scheduled for the 12th & 13th May 2015 at Amabhubesi Conference Centre. Transgressing across the globe, social media has been highly utilised amongst universities as a marketing and learning tool. When it comes to higher education, there are not only opportunities for digital learning but digital marketing too. Some schools have taken the reins on both sides, with mixed results.

Indeed, social media has been a game-changer throughout higher education in recent years, with professionals utilizing technology and social sites to interact more with the prospective student community and to improve student recruitment. The 2nd annual Social media Summit provides an overwhelming range of possibilities for teaching, learning and marketing in higher education. However, given real life challenges where limited resources and career commitments need to be balanced, we also need to remain realistic in what we can achieve.

More than ever, it is vital that higher education professionals are equipped with the latest social media technologies together with practical strategies in the quest to drive and increase Africa’s rankings in the global market place. It is clear that in order for colleges and universities to remain competitive, attract the best candidates and achieve the highest rankings, they will have to embrace social media and keep abreast of the latest and most creative ways to use social media for their benefit.

Google gets involved – Book for Interactive Workshops today!

Don’t miss out on our two mini interactive workshops presented by Google Africa and The University of Cape Town.

Workshop one

Google for learning Presented by Karen Walters Programme lead education: Google for Education Sub- Saharan Africa

Skype sessions presented by: The Hong Kong institute of Education “A case study of Hong Kong Institute of education” How e-portfolios are transforming the way we teach and a tool to empower students (Skype Session)

The University of California on How to protect the brand of your university Virtual Worlds, Social Media and Emerging Technologies: Exploring 21st century teaching and learning practices

The workshop will provide ideas on how social media tools can be used to assist learning such as Google+ hangouts and YouTube live

Workshop two

Time to give a ‘tweet’ about social media in Higher Education presented by: Nicola Pallit Centre for Innovation University of Western Cape This workshop focuses on cultivating awareness around how social media can be used to leverage and/or expand on traditional academic activities.

Who Should Attend? 

Directors of Distance Education, Directors of Online Learning, Technology Directors, Instructional Designers, Course Developers, E learning specialists ,Curriculum Specialists, Professional Training and Development Leaders, Deans, University management and leadership, University professors and lecturers, Deans and department directors, Higher education researchers, IT directors of universities, Education administrators, ICT program directors/managers, Multimedia/software developers, Social media /technologist specialist consultants, Education policy makers, Marketing departments/public relations departments, department of Higher Education




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