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The Education Handbook provides a high level overview of education in South Africa. Supported by extensive research, it is South Africa’s only all-in-one reference for the policies, frameworks, projects and initiatives that will shape the future of education. It is sent straight to the desks of key decision makers and stakeholders within the DoE, government departments, the private sector, leading education institutions and CSI departments. It aims to equip the reader by providing insights from thought leaders, essential statistics, OECD report advice and overviews. It is a remarkable example of collaboration and participation that aims to connect various stakeholders in a pro-active way to make a discernible difference.

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The Education Handbook provides a high level overview of education in South Africa. Supported by extensive research, it is South Africa's only all-in-one reference for the policies, frameworks, projects and initiatives that will shape the future of education. It is sent to key decision makers and stakeholders within the DoE, government departments, the private sector, leading education institutions and CSI departments.

It aims to equip the reader by providing insights from thought leaders, essential statistics, OECD report advice and overviews. It is a remarkable example of collaboration and participation that aims to connect various stakeholders in a pro-active way to make a discernible difference.

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Connect with other education organisations on social media

The power of social media should not be underestimated, we have put a list together to help you connect and chat with other organisations that are making a positive impact in South Africa's education sector.


Education Statutory Bodies

Council on Higher Education

South African Democratic Teachers' Union

South African Institute of Distance Education (SAIDE)

Department of Basic Education

National Qualifications Framework

South African Principals' Association

Department of Higher Education and Training

SA Teachers Union

South African Qualifications Authority

National Student Financial Aid Scheme

South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA)

Thutong Portal (South African Education Portal)

National Teachers Union

South African Council for Educators (SACE)
Umalusi (Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training)



Provincial Departments of Education

Eastern Cape
Steve Vukile Tshwete Education Complex,
Zone 6,
040 608 4200 |

247 Burger Street,
033 846 5000 |

North West
2nd Floor Executive Block,
Garona Building,
018 387 3312 |

Free State
55 Elizabeth Street,
Provincial Government Building,
051 404 8000 |

Corner 113 Biccard &
24 Excelsior Street,
015 290 7611 |

Northern Cape
09 Hayston Road,
Harrison Park.
053 830 1600 |

111 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg
011 355 0000 |

Building No. 5,
Government Boulevard,
Riverside Park, Nelspruit
013 766 5552 |

Western Cape
Grand Central Towers,
Cnr Darling and
Lower Plein Streets,
Cape Town.
021 467 2000 |


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Education Roundtable

Education Roundtable invites the top 100 key players in education to work together towards one goal: quality education.

This annual workshop sees representatives from government, educational institutions, corporate companies and NGO’s share information, get involved in finding solutions and inspire each other to apply their ideas to specific projects in every sphere of education. is dedicated to tracking the progress of projects identified and devised at the Education Roundtable.

Education Roundtable in the Press:

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Vote for Your Star Teacher (Times LIVE, 4 July 2011)

Pryse vir Onnie Wet Meer Doen (Die Son, 4 Julie 2011)

Reward the Stars in Education (, 2 July 2011)

Star Teachers Honoured in Midrand (, 1 July 2011)

Top Ideas

As a teacher or a professional working in the education sector, you are at the coalface of education policy and you understand what's working well and what needs work. You have the insights that can inform policy and make a difference in education. Share them with us so that we can showcase your great ideas. It's time to get your voice heard, so that we can support you, while you support our future leaders.

Share your insights with us and we will share it on

Top 100 Projects

We’ll feature the top 100 projects which are taking top ideas and turning them into action.


#1. Ithuteng Matlhale Science Mobile Lab Project

The Science Mobile Lab is an experimental unit containing all the apparatus necessary to carry the curriculum-aligned experiments accompanied by instructional manuals. The unit does not depend on the availability of water, electricity and gas making it ideal for under resourced schools. Read More

#2. F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools Ltd is a non-profit company established with committed partners to provide an exciting yet challenging educational experience through the magnetic appeal of Formula 1. Read More


#3. EI launches ‘Bring a Book to Congress’ appeal

Ahead of EI's World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, which runs from 18-26 July, EI is encouraging every participant who will attend the quadrennial event to ‘bring a book’ to help resource libraries in the local area. Read More


#4. African Scholars Fund

The future of our country lies with its youth. We want to give our youth hope, we want to equip them with skills for life and to help them become responsible citizens of this wonderful country. Read More


#5. Bulungula Incubator, Eastern Cape

The Bulungula Incubator is a non-profit organization established in 2007 in Nqileni Village on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape. The organization works with communities in the six villages that make up the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area – with a population of around 10,000 people. Read More


#6. Childline

Childline is an NGO with offices in each province and a national office which even provides web-based counselling. Their services include a toll-free crisis telephone counselling line; child abuse prevention and education programs in schools, communities, and other contexts; training of volunteers to assist Childline with their service provision; networking and coordination of services with partner NGOs and government bodies to children; and advocacy on children’s rights. Read More


#7. Hantam Community Education Trust

The Hantam Community Education Trust (HCET) was established in 1989 to respond to the needs of farm communities in the Hantam district of Colesberg. The Trust has developed into a holistic rural development project. Read More


#8. Inclusive Education Western Cape

Inclusive Education Western Cape is an alliance of organisations and individuals who are committed to promoting and supporting positive models of inclusive education in schools, preschools and other centres of learning in the Western Cape Province. Read More


#9. JET Education Services

JET Education Services is an NGO with over 15 years of experience in the field of education. It has had exposure first as a grant-making institution and in later years as a research and development institution in the field of education. Read More


#10. Pearson Education

Maskew Miller Longman - Pearson Southern Africa is an education company that develops, produces and distributes teaching and learning materials to support the implementation of curriculum policies in 11 Southern African countries, including South Africa. Read More


#11. Pebbles Project

The Pebbles Project was established to offer support to children with special educational needs, particularly those whose lives are affected by alcohol in some way, in the Western Cape. Read More


#12. Scatterlings

Scatterlings ECD For SA Children, providing Early Learning for South Africa’s Infants and Toddlers, aims to address one of South Africa’s most urgent needs – early childhood development.  Read More


#13. SchoolTrade

SchoolTrade is an `Adopt a School’ programme that has been active since 2003. We aim at making a tangible difference in the quality of teaching and learning in townships and rural schools in the greater Pietermaritzburg region. Read More


#14. School Safety Programme (Mediation and Transformation Practice)

We received these insights into school and teacher safety from Mr. Sanville Moses an independent contractor for Mediation and Transformation Practice. Read More


#15. The Math's Centre

Maths Centre began its life as a small outreach project from Auckland Park School (1985-1995.) Some of the facilities of the school were extended to Soweto educators. In the 80’s and early 90’s, several facilitators travelled to Soweto, guiding and supporting educators in the fields of computers and investigative mathematics. Read More


#16. TREE

Training and Resources in Early Education (TREE) believes that all children should have access to quality, sustainable early childhood development so that they can develop to their full educational and personal potential. Read More


#17. Up With Downs Project

Up with Down’s was originally set up as a parent support group for families who has Down’s Syndrome children. It was decided by the parents that the setting up of a school in George was a priority, and after receiving Ministerial approval in March 1999, we began operating the next month. Read More

#18. Vredenburg Children's Project

Every child has a right to education. We all believe in and propound this truth. And yet in South Africa, many children are not accessing this basic right. Daily, these children face enormous challenges, many of them living in dire circumstances. Read More


#19. WESSA/WWF Eco Schools Programme

The WESSA/WWF-SA Eco-Schools Programme, an international programme, was launched in South Africa in 2003 and is supported by WWF-SA and implemented by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA). Read More


#20. Western Cape Primary Science Programme

The Western Cape Primary Science Programme (PSP) has been operating since 1985. We are a teacher in-service education organization that aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the most under resourced, disadvantaged primary schools in the Cape Town and Boland areas. Read More


#21 Common Purpose

Common Purpose runs educational programmes that engage and inspire the rising generations of leaders to shape the future of their city or region. The aim is to equip them with the information, knowledge and networks to enable them to make positive change, and help them to work with others from different backgrounds and cultures. Read More


#22. Sekhukhune District Project

Being a learner in Sekhukhune District of Limpopo province and learning about spring flowers, emerging butterflies and gentle rains must seem a complete contradiction. The reality is parched ground, the grass-layer grazed to the roots, the trees bare of leaves, the hungry goats darting across the road and the wind blowing a fine layer of dust everywhere. Read More


#23. Maskew Miller Longman Foundation

The Maskew Miller Longman Foundation’s School Support Project was conceptualized in 2008 in response to the ongoing education crisis in South Africa. Its primary goal was to develop an effective, sustainable School Support Model. Read More


#24. Tomorrow Trust

The Tomorrow Trust provides and bridges the gap in education for Orphaned and vulnerable learners with additional academic support. The gift of a future, be it success through a stable job or living their dreams passionately, would require a solid education. Read More


#25. Lead for Africa / L4A (Section 21 Company)

At Lead for Africa our mission is to address the unemployment reality in developing Entrepreneurs that champion transformation & wealth in South Africa.  We develop Entrepreneurs in four focus groups (our clients) in the West Rand area of Johannesburg: Women in Accounting Mentors, Micro Entrepreneurs,   New Gen Social Entrepreneurs and Teachers @ Work.  Read More


#26. Constellations Trust (NPO)

We offer services to teachers, parents, educators, children and the greater community. Our work is based on a systemic approach of observation and inclusion. We work directly with the teachers and parents to ensure that the environment in both the school and the home are at the optimal levels so that the child is able to be present in the class room and engage better with learning.   Read More


#27. TEACH South Africa

TEACH South Africa (TEACH) is a highly selective programme that recruits young graduates, who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities. The programme leverages the talent of recent tertiary graduates from all disciplines who can be applied as educators within rural and urban disadvantaged schools. Read More


#28. Equal Education

Equal Education (EE) is a community and membership-based organisation. It advocates for quality and equality in the South African education system and engages in evidence-based activism for improving the nation's schools. It is a leader in youth leadership development. EE's campaigns, based on detailed research and policy analysis, are aimed at achieving quality education for all.  Read More


#29. Siyavula – Opening up Education

Siyavula is a Shuttleworth Foundation seeded project which supports and encourages communities of teachers to work together, openly share their teaching resources and benefit from the use of technology. We believe it is through collaboration and the freedom to adapt and contextualize teaching material to suit their specific needs that a higher standard of education can be achieved.  Read More


#30. The Bridge Project

Bridge was established in July 2009 as a non-profit organisation. It aims to draw on South Africa’s rich heritage of educational innovation and research to create cohesiveness around working practice in order to support key focus areas in education. Read More


#31. Praesa

The Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa (PRAESA), is an independently funded multilingual education research and development organization. Since it began in 1992, PRAESA has carried out various language related research and development initiatives to inform understandings about and make changes to children’s language and literacy learning experiences through the implementation of a mother tongue based bilingual education system.   Read More


#32. Anna Foundation

The mission of the organisation is to assist disadvantaged schools and communities by providing academic, social and environmental support and equipping children with skills for lifelong learning. We recognise each child as unique and special and aim to support the holistic development of the child.  Read More


#33. The Bobs for Good Foundation

Bobs for Good wants to reach as many children as possible, and restore their hope, pride and dignity through the gift of new school shoes. The Foundation provides children with durable safety school shoes to prevent children’s feet getting cold, sore or infected.   Read More

#34. iSchoolAfrica

Through a programme of integrating Mac technology and training into schools, iSchoolAfrica makes a difference in education.   Read More

#35. Sangari - Innovators in Education

Providing powerful, affordable education solutions to dramatically enhance educator capacity and proficiency and learner benefit.   Read More

#36. Formula D Interactive

Formula D interactive is a specialist design consultancy focussed on the design and production of innovative interactive learning tools that delight the imagination and provoke the mind.   Read More


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