Christina Watson Named on 2014 List of “100 Leading Global Thinkers” by Foreign Policy Magazine


Christina Watson, CEO of South African educational publishing house Via Afrika, has been named as one of Foreign Policy magazine’s “100 Leading Global Thinkers” of 2014. 

One of the most credible names in international politics and global affairs, Foreign Policy provides the best available analysis of pressing global challenges by the world’s leading experts.


“Each year our list of leading Global Thinkers spotlights those who have translated their ideas into actions, impacting millions worldwide,” said David Rothkopg, editor of Foreign Policy. “It is a chance to reflect on who, and what is driving change today and will shape it tomorrow.” Via Afrika has more than 60 years of experience in South Africa’s educational publishing industry and, with an eye to the future, has recently prioritised the development of South Africa’s digital education landscape. Watson was recognised because of  Via Afrika’s leading role in advancing digital education in South Africa.


Commenting on being named a leading Global Thinker, Watson says, “It’s an overwhelming honour to see your name placed alongside the likes of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and political satirist John Oliver, and I thank Foreign Policy for that. But the real honour is seeing how these digital initiatives Via Afrika has undertaken are changing lives today whilst laying the foundations for a stronger educational system in South Africa tomorrow.”


“Additionally, though Via Afrika may be getting a lot of attention for these digital initiatives, the Department of Basic Education has been an invaluable partner who has been on this journey with us. Whether it’s providing us with access to information that allowed us to put together the snapshot report, or championing the Via Afrika Digital Education Centres initiative, the Department of Basic Education is as deserving of this honour as we are.”


“I hope to capitalise on this honour by getting more companies involved in rolling out true digital education to all South African learners,” Watson concludes.


Additional Information
You can view Ms Watson’s profile on Foreign Policy magazine’s website here,


About Via Afrika

Via Afrika is a leading publisher of quality educational textbooks and related material for South Africa and southern African countries. With 65 years of experience, the company publishes materials that meet the needs of learners from early childhood development to Grade 12, and FET (vocational) Levels 2 to 4, as well as Adult Education learners in print and electronic formats. The high-quality educational material is currently being used by thousands of learners and teachers country-wide. Via Afrika has been developing digital content for more than a decade. Visit for more information.


Mxit Reach launches matric revision app to help learners ace exams


The recently-launched Ukufunda Learner app has expanded to offer study guides, revision tools and more, to help South African matrics ace their final exams. The content is all free, and accessed via a mobile phone, giving learners the edge they need.


Built by Mxit Reach, the Maths Testing Tool is accessed through the new Ukufunda Learner app on Mxit, and is a self-testing tool that focuses on functions; sequences and series; probability; finance; statistics, and algebra.  Learners can can do simple exercises to train and improve their skills, and then test their knowledge.


Plenty of additional resources are added to help leaners. Included in the matric revision features in the Ukufunda Learner app are previous exam papers and study tips.


One of the key benefits that goes beyond pure revision content, is focusing on the learner themselves. A one-on-one counselling service is therefore provided by Childline that will give learners access to debrief and unpack all the stress pre- and post-exam.


Mxit Reach’s Head of Educational Programmes, Lea-Anne Moses-Magerman says: “Many learners receive very little guidance and support pre-, during and even after exams. To address this, we've created a special hub within Ukufunda that aggregates all the revision tips, past question papers, testing tools and even counselling services aimed at matriculants.”


To help matrics further prepare, the Ukufunda Learner app offers a wide variety of study tools, located in its ‘My Educational Resources’ link, inlcuding:

  • Career Xplora: Career guidance counselling app,
  • FunDza: free ereader app with over 500 locally-written stories, blogs and articles,
  • Magic Tables: an app to help learners strengthen their basic maths skills in a fun and engaging way,
  • Mindset Learn Xtra: revision and exercises for accounting, geography, life sciences, maths, maths literacy and physics, 
  • MobiSchool: video tutoring on accounting, English first additional language, life sciences, maths and physics,
  • Oxford Word of the Day: daily words and their meanings to increase and improve viocabulary and spelling skills,


To get ahead, download Mxit for free at on your mobile phone’s browser and go to Apps to add Ukufunda Learner quickly and easily.


Ukufunda was developed by Mxit Reach in partnership UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education.



Mbuyi's story:



About Mxit Reach:

Mxit Reach aims to inspire and improve lives through the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions using the power of the Mxit platform. Mxit Reach and its partners offer a broad range of educational, health and counseling services. Every month over 1.5 million South Africans utilise Mxit Reach services.


About Mxit:

Mxit puts conversation at the heart of everything. When people share rich conversations, they move forward – it’s how they connect, discover and grow. Users can share their journey with their friends, as Mxit works on almost any phone (8000+ devices), is incredibly data-light and powers chat with innovative features. From Chat Cards, and a Newsfeed, to games and a variety of content apps, Mxit helps users to stay connected and share the things that matter most to them with millions of people around the world.


Recognise and reward teachers for the essential role they play in society

By This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , CEO of Argo


How come every conversation about education starts with “the problem in education is….”?  If we take a step back, then we can see education as an opportunity, to inspire our children to love learning, so that they can grow into what they were meant to be. And if it’s all about leadership and inspiration, then why are we focusing all our energy on what content needs to be taught in the classroom, while we miss the essential element – the teacher, who determines whether children love learning or lose interest as more content is shoved down their throats?


How do we recognise great teachers who inspire others?


We all remember a teacher, who made a difference in our lives, who inspired and shaped our future – but very often we don’t have the confidence to thank the teacher, before we leave school. So, now you have the chance to make an impact. Nominate a great teacher, or ask your children which teacher they love and help them to nominate this teacher, so that we don’t lose these great teachers. The Stars in Education Teachers Awards is designed to recognise those teachers, who are great role models in the classroom and their communities and who inspire others with their actions. They understand that:


"Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire." —William Butler Yeats


The fire is starting on social media

The Stars in Education Teachers Awards has just been launched on a range of social and digital media platforms so, join us in encouraging teachers to believe in their value, and entering great teachers. October is the month for celebrating teachers, so it’s now that we can say thanks to that special teacher that made a difference in our lives, by honouring teachers out there, who share their light with others, who go beyond filling buckets, to inspire learners to be more than they thought they could be. If you need any inspiration, watch some of the previous winners on youtube, as they share what the campaign has done for them, their learners and their communities.


It’s about working together to improve education

The Stars in Education Teachers Awards is supported by social leaders: Pearson, SACE, SADTU, Mindset TV  and MetroFM, who understand that we need to work together to support the Government and social transformation. The impact of the campaign extends far beyond a competition. Leading NGO’s who do grass roots work with the campaign receive media support from Argo and leading brands make social investment decisions, based on their exposure to the winning teachers. Pitso Kekana, the head of Corporate Citizenship for Samsung South Africa explains that:


“Had it not been for Argo and the Stars in Education Teacher Awards, Samsung would not have found the School located 80 kilometres from Polokwane’s city centre where the 2013 Stars in Education Teachers Awards winner, Dungile Maponyane teaches. Samsung has donated a Smart Classroom, equipped with 40 tablets, a printer, eBoard and more to Bathokwa Secondary.  The handover of the Smart Classroom takes place during October, to celebrate teachers”.


“Winning the 2013 Stars in Education Awards is one of the greatest opportunities I ever had in my life. It has opened doors of success and recognition for the DTMSC project.  Educators it takes effort and passion to do extra work to help the community in either way, do it, face the challenges and never quit” says Dungile Maponyane.


If you would like to make a difference in education, connect with Argo to explore ideas on how we can achieve quality education together.

ENTER on or follow us on Twitter: @StarsInEdu


Contact Argo:

Visit our website
Call: 021 865 2813

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , General Manager or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Sponsorship Manager

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ED.ORG.ZA replaces as your online connection to education action leaders in order to inspire belief in the power of education. This is one place where corporate companies, government, NGO’s, and educators can work together towards a quality education for all South Africa’s children, by offering:

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